What It’s All About?

We started this website to help webmasters in creating blog networks, as such now we successfully created many blog networks. Many SME’s create blog from us and and on time to time basis also hire us to create blog networks. For newbies we started SmartBlog services where we handle most of the blog related services, if you want to start your blog but don’t want to manage things on your own then Smart Blog is best solution for you. We are trying our best to keep the price low so that we are able to cater more number of clients.

Other Network Blog Services

Blog Hosting

We have various types of blog hosting plans and we are also ready to work as per your need and requirement.

Blog Management

Our team can manage blog on your behalf covering all basic things which can play vital role in search engine rankings.

Blog Monetisation

We can help you in blog monetisation using various means including adsense, text links or banner advertising.

Blog Promotions

We run blog promotional campaigns on time to time basis where we distribute blog RSS on various popular platforms.

Blog SEO

From SEO to Local SEO we always try to cover up all techniques which can help your blog to start coming in search engines.

Content Creation

We can help you in content creation using a team of freelancers who can write contents on any topic with right keyword density.

Create & Earn Recurring Income From Your Blog or Blog Network

Creating and managing a blog or microsite is a big issue for most of the webmasters as lots of steps involved in it from managing unique contents to relevant images, finding best keywords to adding links in anchor text etc. It’s quite hard to manage things that’s why we come up with a unique microsite or blog creation and blog network concept where we create your blogs, manage it and promote it within reasonable rates. Moreover if you like to order one single blog we are here to deliver it.

Blog CreationWe help webmasters, domain owners and marketers to create blog or blog network in reasonable rates. These blogs can be used in number of ways mainly these micro-sites are used in marketing or to increase revenue from various sources.

We successfully deliver 100s of blogs, as such now these blogs are generating revenue from various sources and also performing well in search engines. We never share blogs created for clients as a reference, yet if you like to see few blogs as a sample please drop us an email and we send you sample blogs.

Why to start Blog or Blog Network?

Blog or blog network can be an excellent way to increase traffic to your business and it can be used to earn money. Blog or blog network can be used in number of ways:

  1. Promote Main Business: Blog or blog network can be used as a tool to promote business or increasing traffic.
  2. Blog Monetization: Earning money from Blog using Google Adsense, Google Affiliate Network or Affiliate Links.
  3. Unused Domains: Monetizing unused domains to cover-up renewal cost or to promote business.
  4. Buying and Selling Blogs: We have many advertisers and webmasters who keep on buying blogs and blog networks from us. So it’s a win win situation for both parties.

Penguin Analysis: After latest Google updates, discussion is going on whether blog, blog network or microsites are gone.

As per Inside Search (The Official Google Search Blog): Main advice for webmasters is to focus on creating high quality sites, now these high quality sites can be blog or micro-sites. So need is to create quality blog or blog networks, no need to fill it with keywords simply play safe create quality contents, add social media accounts, manage and promote blog well and see the results.